Policies that Council is seeking
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Fees and charges

Fees and charges are our fees for using specific services – such as pool entry, building or resource consents, venue hire fees, transfer station fees, dog registration and more. Most services funded through fees and charges are also subsidised through general rates.


Development Contributions

Development Contributions (DCs) are how we recover the cost of extensions to our infrastructure when needed because of new developments such as subdivisions. DCs are paid by the developers who create this demand.


Revenue and Financing

The Revenue and Financing Policy aims to explain how we will fund the operating expenses and capital expenditure of our activities from the funding sources specified in the Local Government Act 2002 and Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 (LGRA 2002), and provide predictability and certainty about our sources and levels of funding.


Rates Remissions and Postponement

Our Rates Remissions and Postponement Policy is the document that sets out how and when Council can remit or postpone payment on rates.

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Long Term Plan interactive tool

In this Long Term Plan Council has chosen to focus on affordability - which has meant some tough decisions on which projects to include, and where we should cut back. This website highlights some of the big changes compared to our last Long Term Plan. Keen for more detail? Check out our interactive tool for a more detailed view of what projects we're proposing to keep and what projects we are proposing to remove from the draft Long Term Plan.

+ Check out LTP interactive tool