Looking further ahead

Key projects in years 4-10 of this plan

Part of planning ahead for the future is recognising that we can’t do everything at once – it isn’t practical or affordable. So here are two other key projects that we’re planning in years 4-10 of the ten year plan. As these ones are several years out, we don’t have a lot of detail on them just yet, and the community will get another chance to give feedback/input into these projects closer to the time.

Swim Zone Morrinsville
Water meter

Swimzone Morrinsville

One of the most common requests we hear from the Morrinsville community is to upgrade the pool and have it open all year round.. We’ll be looking to upgrade/replace it, with planning starting in year four of this plan (2028/29).

Water meters

There is a lot of uncertainty around how water services will be managed in future - but if it does remain our responsibility, we anticipate we will need to install water meters.

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Long Term Plan interactive tool

In this Long Term Plan Council has chosen to focus on affordability - which has meant some tough decisions on which projects to include, and where we should cut back. This website highlights some of the big changes compared to our last Long Term Plan. Keen for more detail? Check out our interactive tool for a more detailed view of what projects we're proposing to keep and what projects we are proposing to remove from the draft Long Term Plan.

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