Te Aroha Library

What we're proposing to keep the same

The Te Aroha Library is a beautiful historic building – but it also requires earthquake strengthening, and doesn’t meet some of the practical needs of a modern library.

We believe libraries are an essential service. They provide traditional services like access to books and lifelong learning, but they are also community spaces - a space for people to gather and connect, as well as supporting literacy, digital programmes and bridging the digital divide by providing access to Wi-Fi, computers, printers and scanners.

To continue providing a library in Te Aroha we MUST do something about this building (meeting seismic standards as a minimum). At the same time, we think we should review our information centre, public meeting spaces, and office space. We are proposing to investigate and deliver a suitable building (relocating, upgrading or a new build) to ensure Te Aroha continues to have library services for years to come.


 Investigate and deliver a suitable building to continue providing library services in Te Aroha.

We are proposing to investigate and deliver a suitable building to ensure Te Aroha continues to have library services for years to come.

While more investigation is required to determine what this project might involve, we know we MUST do something about this building. So we are proposing to include $4.7 million between 2026-2028 (this was $4 million in the 2021-2031 LTP but has been increased to allow for inflation).

We would come back and consult with the community in more detail once we have more information.


Impact on debt:

$4.7m following completion in 2027/28.

Standard of service we would provide:

Minimum of existing level of service. Possible increases would be identified through the business case.

Average additional operating costs:

$322,000 following completion in 2027/28.

Average additional operating costs per property per year:

$13.15 following completion in 2027/28.


Close the Te Aroha Library.

We know there are people that don’t use libraries, or don’t see them as important. If there was a strong community view that Council should not replace or relocate the library, Council could consider closing the Te Aroha Library, and only operating in Morrinsville and Matamata.


Standard of service this would provide:

Reduced library services for Te Aroha.

Impact of debt:


Average additional operating costs:

$262,000 estimated reduction in operating costs per year.

Average additional cost per household per year:

$10.71 estimated reduction in rates per year.

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What else we're proposing to keep the same


The services that we provide
Removing or deferring large projects does help reduce the impact on rates, but not by as much as you might expect. This is because these are usually capital projects, funded by loans that are paid back over a number of years - so the financial impact on rates each year is usually quite small. A bit like when you buy a car, you can choose to get a loan and pay it off over a number of years to reduce the cost up front.


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